Holiday Decorating Trends 2015 – What’s Hot!

Christmas is less than a month away and all the Thanksgivings are over, so it’s now time to really start decorating for this holiday season if you haven’t already.

So here’s the Hot List for Holiday Decorating 2015!

When I say plaid, I mean almost anything plaid is in. Throws, Pillows, Christmas Socks, Wrapping Paper, Napkins, Placemats, etc.



2. Woodland Animals
Owls, Deer, Caribou, Bears, Moose, etc. Anything that comes from the forest is pretty much A-okay.



3. Rustic Natural Elements
Birch logs, Wooden Decorations, Acorns & Pinecone Garland, Fur Tree Wreaths, etc. Once again, just go to the forest and you’ll find lots of inspiration, and bonus you can cut your tree while you’re there!



4. Fur
Fur has made this list again this year! I think maybe because it comes from the animals that are found in the woods (I see a huge theme here!) or also because it’s very warm and cozy.



5. Simplicity
Now I know this isn’t exactly a thing you can go out and buy, but it’s definitely in this year. Subtle and simple decorations around your home are very on trend. You don’t want your house to look like a Christmas Store or Santa’s workshop.



For my final note on holiday decorating, keep your decorations in line with your home’s décor, this will make for a beautiful cohesive look. For example: If you have lots of rich colors in your home, choose some gold, greenery, and brown accents. If you have lots of gray in your home choose blues, greens and silver. You don’t have to go overboard with decorating to have an impact, often times less is more.



Happy Holiday Season!!

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