My Go-To Greige Paint Colors

Grey is a very popular color these days, it seems that almost every time I go to a color consult the client is looking for grey.  However the biggest complaint about grey is that clients find it a bit too cold. So my perfect solution to this dilemma is GREIGE!! It’s one of my favourite go-to colors for a neutral and modern look. Greige is a mix of grey and beige, and the beige is what gives the grey it’s warmth. Another great thing about greige is that it can go with both cool colors (blues, greens, purples) and warm colors (reds, yellows, oranges); it really is a great versatile color.

So here are my go-to greige paint colors:

My Go-To GreigesSherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015 

Repose GrayImage: Home Bunch

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable GrayImage: Favorite Paint Colors Blog

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray SW 7016

Mindful GrayImage: Home Bunch

Sherwin-Williams Useful Gray SW 7050

Useful GrayImage: Houzz

Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641 (Doors & Mantel – Dovetail SW 7016)

Colonnade GrayImage: Houzz

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

Revere PewterImage: Houzz

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Edgecomb GrayImage: Houzz

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa MistImage: Houzz

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23

Classic GrayImage: Houzz

Benjamin Moore Collingwood OC-28

CollingwoodImage: Houzz