Roslyn Reno – Demo Continues

This week the demo continued at the Roslyn Reno, and in all the exciting demo phase we discovered a leak! EEEK!!! Luckily before that huge rain storm we got, our handy contractors were able to fix it. Another thing that was addressed this week was how the gutters were attached to the house, which was by  small pieces of wood, which looked very makeshift. So we made sure to fix those. The gutters aren’t up yet, but here are the pieces that we added to properly hold the gutters in the correct spot (those large white rectangular things next to the roof).



Since we discovered the leak in the back porch, the back porch is completely demo’d and we found a hidden window, with the actual window still inside the wall (which I actually forgot to take a picture of).  And we also found the window hole for the back window from the kitchen. Lots of hidden windows and doors in this house.



Next up is the bathroom, but we still have to get rid of the tub! If you can’t remember what it looked like from before here’s the before (it’s so nice to see all that pink go!)


And demo’d. You can see the attic space from the other room behind the walls.



The toilet’s also getting the boot. Looks like there’s a few pink tiles still holding on, but they won’t last long!


That’s it for demo work this week, most of the other work that was done was re-wiring the house and some behind the scene’s design work 😉 Stay tuned for some design schemes and ideas!