Roslyn Reno – Final Pictures

Wow I can’t believe the day is finally here and the Roslyn Reno is all done! What an amazing ride it’s been, and it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, there were a few storm clouds mixed in, but I guess that’s how you get those beautiful rainbows. Needless to say it was a really great journey and we’ve learned lots along the way, but in the end I think this house turned out to be so beautiful and it would be a great place for someone to call home!

Now I know a lot of you have been following along since the beginning, but I’m still going to take you down memory lane and show you where we came from to where we ended up. But who doesn’t love a great before and after anyway?!?

So we’ll start outside. Remember that old mint green siding, the old wood door, and rusted stair railings? Let me jog your memory: here it is in all it’s former glory and here it is now!

Roslyn Reno Exterior Before

Here’s the list of what we did:

  • Changed out the mint green for a beautiful dark greige (Behr Elephant Skin),
  • Removed the screen door and added a craftsman door which we painted black (Benjamin Moore Onyx),
  • Built wooden stairs overtop of the cement stairs complete with a new railing,
  • Changed out the light and house numbers,
  • Added a mailbox,
  • Landscaped which included: new sod, dirt and shrubs,
  • Replaced the gutters, and a few window

Now we enter into the foyer (or also known as the front porch). When we started the walls were all painted paneling, the trim and doors were that old 70s style wood, and the flooring was old vinyl. Here’s what it looked like then and now:


Interior Design Halifax

What we did:

  • Ripped everything out…. haha we’ll just about, we kept the framing and the window.
  • Added drywall and painted
  • Added new trim and closet doors
  • Added new flooring
  • Added a new light fixture (which I love, it’s so fun and it plays off the black door)
  • Added electric heat, since we found the vent underneath the porch had rusted out and it would be difficult to replace since it’s just a crawl space only accessible from a small window outside. So now it has it’s own heat which is nice because since it has a door closing it off to the rest of the house it doesn’t always need to be as hot.

Next we have the stairs, and when we started they were so closed off and dark and now they are so open and bright!

What we did:

  • Opened up the walls on either side of the stairs to brighten them up and make them appear wider.
  • Removed the unnecessary doorframe at the top of the stairs, which made a huge difference in brightening up the hall and stairway.
  • Refinished the hardwood treads, which was a bit of a debate at first because we had seen some gorgeous designs by a houston flooring contractor that we were really tempted to replace them with, but as we were trying to keep costs to a minimum we decided to work with what we already had. We weren’t sure if staining them would turn out well. So we first sanded them down and just clear coated them, but I had always wanted to stain them from the beginning, so I kept pushing for it. We ended up trying one stair tread, because we knew we could sand it back down if it didn’t look good. Once we did the one and we saw that it looked great, we sanded off the clear coat on the rest and stained them all. So it was a bit of a process to get them stained and took a little longer due to our initial hesitation.
    • Learning point: We learned that staining stair treads really isn’t that hard! 🙂
  • Since we opened up the walls we had to add railings, which was also a bit of a tricky issue, since we needed a continuous rail to meet code, luckily the guys at Domus Flooring & Stairs figured out a great solution and the railings look fabulous!

Next we move into the living room:

Living Room Before

What we did:

  • Changed the flooring,
  • Replaced the two windows with ones that open,
  • Added new trim and baseboard
  • Painted the walls,
  • Changed the light fixture

Then we have the kitchen:

Kitchen Before Kitchen Design

Kitchen Before Reno Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

What we did:

  • Gutted the kitchen,
  • Made the doorway opening larger
  • Replaced the window and door to the porch,
  • Moved the sink from one wall to the opposite and plumbed for a dishwasher,
  • Added pot lights, pendants, and light above the sink,
  • Reconfigured the layout of the kitchen to make use of the space,
  • Added a new kitchen (from Mother Hubbards),
  • Put in all new GE appliances.
  • Replaced the flooring,
  • Added floating shelves (which we stained ourselves),
  • Painted and added backsplash.

Now we move on the main floor bathroom, which had technically been “updated” which I put in quotes because I think it had been done a while ago, so it still looked dated. Here it is then and now:

Bathroom design

What we did:

  • Gutted the bathroom, but left the bathtub and toilet since they were in great condition,
  • Replaced the window,
  • Added all new plumbing and raised the shower head to normal height (this one was way too low),
  • Added new flooring,
  • Added new shower tile – subway my favourite
  • Added a new vanity, with new tap
  • Added all new fixtures, including light fixture
  • Painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Added a bath fan
  • Installed all new bath hardware

Moving on to the dining room. This room use to be a bedroom, which we decided to convert back to a dining room, since there really wasn’t any room anywhere else for a dining table. Here’s where we started and here’s where we finished:

Dining Room

Dining Room Before Dining Room

What we did:

  • Took down all that wood paneling and put up drywall
  • Removed the closet, to make a nook for a cabinet or hutch,
  • Removed the door to the room, and opened up the other side next to the stairs,
  • Replaced the flooring,
  • Added a new light fixture,
  • Replaced the trim and baseboards,
  • Painted

Now the Master Bedroom. There really wasn’t much to change in this room, it was a decent size to begin with so we just did the cosmetic updates. Here it was before and here it is now:

Master Before

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

What we did:

  • Closed over the little hatch door, but left room so that a dresser could fit in that nook,
  • Replaced all the trim, baseboard and doors,
  • Painted the walls,
  • Added a second closet to make His and Hers,
  • Changed the light fixture.

Next we have the second bedroom, which was similar to the master, however it had the large built-in cabinets which took up way too much space. Here it was before and after:

What we did:

  • The first thing we did was remove the built-ins and since there was extra space behind them we used that to create a closet space. The closet is a great closet for kids!
  • Replaced all the trim, baseboards and doors,
  • Painted the walls,
  • Replaced the light fixture.

Last but not least we have the upstairs bathroom. This bathroom was so retro with the pink and black tile and even had the pink bathtub to match. Here’s where we started and where we ended up:

Bathroom Before Bathroom Design

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Design

What we did:

  • Gutted the whole bathroom, back to the studs
  • Removed the tiny bathtub and added a shower
  • Put up new drywall
  • Tiled the shower enclosure with subway tile
  • Added new plumbing and fixtures
  • Added new floor tile
  • Added a new toilet
  • Put in a new vanity, with new tap, lights and mirror.
  • Painted the walls
  • Added towel hooks to the pre-existing nook
  • Added a bath fan
  • Installed all new bath hardware

And that’s the Roslyn Reno! It is now up for sale, so if you’re interested send me an email and we can discuss –

I hope you enjoyed following along on this journey and stay tuned for other projects in the future.