Roslyn Reno Progress Report – Nov 29th

Since last week there hasn’t been too much progress on the Roslyn Reno. We were held up waiting for the ventilation guys to fix the vent in the kitchen leading to the upstairs bathroom, and install the vents for the bathroom fans. Finally those were done yesterday and the guys were back at it drywalling. We’ve also come into a slight snag, we had a small leak in the roof which we thought was from shingles that were sliced through when doing the chimney, but we replaced those shingles and we noticed today there’s still some water coming in from somewhere, which is never good news. Hopefully the guys can figure it out and get it fixed.   The windows arrived, but they’re not going to be installed until the drywall is done, so that they can put them in while the tapers are taping the drywall.

Here’s the latest photos of the drywall progress:

The downstairs bathroom:


The 2nd Bedroom Closet:


The Master Bedroom Closet:


That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates!