Roslyn Reno Progress Report

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had lots of progress on our renovation, to start with the outside painting is complete! We also added new sod and started creating our garden (the pile of dirt and leaves by the front of the house). We’re just waiting on the new outside stairs to be built before we can plant our shrubs in the garden. The door is definitely changing and should be arriving this week. Also there are new house numbers, a new mailbox and a new exterior light to be added which finish off the front exterior.

Roslyn Reno Progress

Roslyn Reno Before

Over the past two weeks, insulation has been put in and drywall has started to go up!! Drywall is a really exciting phase, because it starts showing how the space is going to take shape. One project my mom and I tackled one afternoon was insulating the attic space behind the new closet. And let me tell you that was not easy! For one, it is a tiny space for one person let alone two people. So we filled in the insulation then we had to plastic wrap it, this was the worst part. The plastic is very stiff and it comes folded on a long roll, which makes it very difficult to use. Then we had to staple it to the slanting roof. After a couple hours we were able to finish it. Here’s the result: (Also not sure why the TP is there)

img_8546-min img_8467-min

Speaking of closets, the 2nd master closet has now been framed out to create a his and hers closet.

Roslyn Reno Progress

Next up we have the drywall progress.

From the entrance looking towards the kitchen:


View from the living room to the kitchen:


View of the kitchen from the entrance of the kitchen. (Ignore the insulation and garbage bags).


The other side of the kitchen. The sink will be going under the window.


Entrance to the back porch.


Another view of the back porch.


The stairs looking into the dining room. They’re currently drywalling the dining room, so that will be done for next week’s post.

img_8558-min img_8311

And the front porch. Don’t worry that hideous blue floor will be changing!


So for the rest of the week, they’ll be finishing the drywall, and installing the new windows. So hopefully it will be painting time soon!! Make sure to check back next week for another progress report!