Roslyn Reno Progress

Painting on the house has begun!!!! Woohooo! I love how much paint can transform something and the house is no different. There’s still more painting to do but here are the updates so far:

Exterior Paint Job Progress

Exterior Paint Job Progress


Obviously there is still lots more to paint, including the foundation!

The paint color that I chose for the exterior was Behr Elephant Skin, which I’m thinking about pairing with a nice dark blue door (but I haven’t 100% decided yet). It took me about 2 weeks to finally decide on a house color. I originally wanted to paint the outside a light grey, but our neighbours house was light grey and for fear of matching too much I decided against it. Then I thought about going dark, like a navy or a charcoal, however when painting vinyl siding you need to be careful about going too dark, because the heat from the sun on the dark painted siding can heat it up and make it warp which wouldn’t be good. Then I toyed with the idea of a nice olive green, but decided to go back to grey. But this time a little darker and a little warmer and that’s how I ended up at Behr Elephant Skin (plus I love elephants so that helped seal the deal).

The exterior color palette (as of now)

Behr Elephant SkinBehr Durango BlueWhite

Other updates include:

The downstairs bath is now gutted (except for the bathtub which we’re keeping) and the subfloor was repaired.

Bathroom GuttedHalifax Renovation

Next the doorway at the top of the stairs was widened, which really opens up the stairwell and the hallway upstairs.


The tub is now gone in the upstairs bathroom and the floor was repaired, which is now where the shower will go.


And lastly the closet in the 2nd bedroom upstairs has been framed in. This was originally hidden behind a large wall of built-ins, and when we looked behind the built-ins there was extra attic space in a cubby, which is where we decided to make our new closet.


That’s all until next week. Make sure to check back for more progress reports!