Roslyn Reno

So this fall my mom and I decided to purchase a prefab home in the west end of Halifax to renovate and last Thursday the work began! It’s so exciting! I love seeing a space transform. So this week I’m sharing the before’s and the demo progress so far. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss an update or continue to check back on the blog.

The Befores: 

The exterior:


The front porch:


The entrance from the porch:


The stairway:

The living room view from the entrance by the stairs:


The kitchen:

Kitchen Before Reno

The downstairs bathroom:

Halifax Renovation

One downstairs bedroom:


The second downstairs bedroom: (which is becoming the dining room)

The upstairs bathroom:


Upstairs Bedroom:


The Master Bedroom:



Here’s the demo phase: 

On the exterior we took the fence separating the driveway from the yard. More to come with outside updates.


And separating the sidewalk from the yard. The fence didn’t really make sense for the front yard and was just super ugly.

We ripped out all the paneling in the porch area and we found the old exterior window boarded up in the wall.

Next up was opening up the stairs and creating a dining room from the panelled 2nd bedroom downstairs. It’s so much more spacious in there now!

This is the view from the front porch.


So much more open to the living room. And you can see the kitchen now since we took out the wall closing off the kitchen.


Another view of the kitchen and no more ugly cabinets and tiled ceiling!!!


Here’s the view from the back of the kitchen looking out to the living room.


We opened up the doorway leading to the hall, which leads to the back bedroom, bathroom and dining room.


Here’s a view from the living room looking into the new dining room.


This is all the demo so far, but I’ll be updating weekly to show the progress of this exciting project. Also keep an eye out for my design concepts and ideas that I have for the house!