Roslyn Reno Update Dec 13th

Roslyn Reno Updates

Now that the drywall is up, taped and mudded, it's time for trim! We went with a simple modern trim to update the space. We also had our new windows installed last week, so things are really moving. This upcoming week we'll be finishing all… read full article

Roslyn Reno Update – Dec 6th

Roslyn Reno Updates

This week was all about finishing the drywall, removing the trim, and taping and mudding the drywall. The place looks a lot better now that it's all taped and mudded. The new trim will be going up this week, along with the new interior door… read full article

Roslyn Reno Progress Report

Roslyn Reno Progress

Over the past two weeks, we've had lots of progress on our renovation, to start with the outside painting is complete! We also added new sod and started creating our garden (the pile of dirt and leaves by the front of the house). We're just… read full article