Roslyn Reno – Final Pictures

Interior Design

Wow I can't believe the day is finally here and the Roslyn Reno is all done! What an amazing ride it's been, and it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows, there were a few storm clouds mixed in, but I guess that's how you get those beaut… read full article

Roslyn Reno – January Update

Kitchen Reno

We'll it's been a month since the last update on our Roslyn Reno and a lot has happened! We're coming up on the home stretch now and in a few weeks it'll be on the market and ready for new owners. read full article

Roslyn Reno – Demo Continues

Halifax Reno

This week the demo continued at the Roslyn Reno, and in all the exciting demo phase we discovered a leak! EEEK!!! Luckily before that huge rain storm we got, our handy contractors were able to fix it. Another thing that was addressed this w… read full article